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Dr Judith Zwartz Foundation Scholarship for Africans at Wageiningen University US

Dr Judith Zwartz Foundation
The Dr Judith Zwartz Foundation was established in 1999 by Dr Zwartz. Some 10 years after her retirement she decided to make funds available to support the publication of scientific research related to the food en nutrition situation in Africa.

The main objective of the Dr Judith Zwartz Foundation is to stimulate scientific research in the field of national and international food and nutrition issues in the broadest sense. The Foundation wants to do this by assisting African scientists with the publication of scientific publications, especially PhD theses defended at Wageningen University. The foundation prefers to support female scientists.

Who can apply?
Applicants must be scientists, born and living in Africa, who want to publish scientific research in the area of food science and nutrition (including issues related directly to sustainable food production, food supply, food quality and food safety).

The financial support, in the form of a grant of no more than 1000 Euro, is intended to help pay the costs of printing a PhD thesis. It is assumed that the applicant is eligible for the usual financial support offered by Wageningen University for printing a PhD thesis. Costs related to preparing the manuscript are not funded.

In exceptional cases the Foundation may consider funding other scientific publications in the same area of research. However, such publications must clearly have a wide circulation amongst African food scientists and nutritionists.

Application procedure
The applicant should send the following to the foundation:

a copy of the title page of the PhD thesis (including the date of the planned public defense)
the final or draft English summary of the PhD thesis
a curriculum vitae
a pro forma invoice indicating the printing costs
a letter of recommendation from the PhD advisor which should clearly state how the research was funded and what other sources of funding will be used to cover the costs of printing the thesis.

All applications must be submitted in three-fold. There is no deadline for submitting proposals. The applicant will be informed about the decision of the Foundation within one month after submission. The Board of the Foundation does not discuss its reasons for rejecting an application. If there is a positive decision, a grant letter will be drafted. After the grant letter is signed by both parties, the funds approved by the foundation can be made available.

The applicant must provide the Foundation with three copies of his or her PhD thesis prior to its public defense. The thesis must contain a reference to the financial support obtained from the Foundation. This reference must be printed on the page following the title page as follows:

“Financial support for the printing of this thesis was obtained from the Dr Judith Zwartz Foundation, Wageningen, The Netherlands.”

The applicant will be asked to send 25 copies of the PhD thesis to libraries in Africa that will be selected by the Foundation.

Board members
Prof Dr. J.G.A.J. Hautvast, chairman
Prof Dr. A.G.J. Voragen, secretary
Dr F. Pepping, treasurer
Prof Dr. A. Niehof
Prof dr. M.J.Kropff
Prof dr M.W.A. Verstegen
Dr J.A. Zwartz (honorary member)

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