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Portable Scholarships for US Students at National GEM Consortium USA

Portable Fellowships
Applying to Graduate School

The portable fellowships are valid at only GEM member universities. The cost of application to graduate school is borne by the student (please check the GEM University Membership listing to see if your graduate instituion of interest offers STEM graduate application waivers to GEM applicants). Each GEM Member University has its own entrance requirements, and students are accepted on their own merits. GEM member universities are not obligated to admit a student. It is advisable to apply for admission to several of the member universities at the same time application is made to the GEM program, but no later than the university’s published deadline.

Requirement to apply to a minimum of 3 GEM Member Universities

GEM fellowship applicants must apply to a minimum of 3 GEM Member Universities, directly to the relevant STEM department by their published deadline. Applying directly to 3 GEM Member Universities for admission to a STEM graduate program by their posted deadline is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT. If the applicant is currently matriculating in a STEM graduate program, where they are seeking financial support, and the GEM Member University (of current graduate matriculation) is willing to provide in writing willingness to support as a GEM Fellow if selected, then and only then is the requirement to apply to a minimum of 3 GEM Member Universities waived.

GEM Member University’s Confirm GEM Fellowships

Member universities may have additional requirements for the acceptance of GEM fellows (e.g. requirements for obtaining in-state residency, requirements for acceptance of teaching or research assistantship, budgeted number of GEM Fellows per academic year). Please check with the particular graduate school of interest to you. Admission into a GEM Member University’s STEM gradaute department does not directly translate to confirmation of the use of the GEM Fellowship at the participating GEM Member University. At the time of selesction, a GEM Member Unviersity Representative will confirm in writing if the GEM Fellowship can be used at their institution.

Length of Fellowship

MS engineering fellows are expected to complete their master’s degree coursework in four semesters or six quarters. Ph.D. engineering and science fellows receive support up to the fifth year of their PhD program. After the first year of support through GEM, fellows are required to accept a research or teaching assistantship, or other financial support through the GEM member university.

Terms of Fellowship
Fellows are required to: attend a GEM member University, maintain satisfactory progress toward an MS or Ph.D. degree, abide by GEM guidelines, and abide the guidelines of the company sponsor.

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