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Tullow Scholarship for Africans

Application Process

I. Before Applying

a) Do I qualify?

Applicants qualifying for the Scholarship should meet the following criteria:

Be a citizen and legally resident in participating country;
Ideally have a minimum of HND (first class), a second class upper degree or better;
Be resident in participating countries at the time of application;
Be currently employed with a track record of success in their field of endeavour
Must not have previously studied abroad or received an international scholarship
Must have a strong personality as well as ambition, entrepreneurial and creative spirit and leadership skills;
Must demonstrate commitment to return to country and make a contribution to the future development of the country; and
Must demonstrate a high level of competence in management, strategy and ability to train and develop others

Applicants from Targeted Communities (Areas where Tullow is operator in Uganda and Western Region of Ghana): – specific requirement

Proof of Residency for a minimum 5 years (eg. birth certificate, primary education, secondary education, work (pay slips) or parentage from the district). All assertions of residency must be backed with verifiable documents. There will be a verification process on parentage, so please provide a contact in those districts for follow-up checks at a later stage.

b) Do I have the relevant documentation?

Applicants must have on hand to submit when requested, original/ scanned copies of the following documents

Academic transcripts and certificates (and translations, if relevant),
Up-to-date information regarding employment background
Details of and letters from two (2) referees (both of whom should be professional or academic) in support of your application. If you are unable to attach letters from your referees, please ask them to write to us as soon as possible.
Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
Passport Photograph
passport details page
Proof of residency

c) Have I identified the course / University I would like to study / attend?

Applicants are advised to identify the universities they intend to study at. Information on participating Universities is available at

d) Do I have reliable internet access?

All application forms should be completed and submitted online. Special needs applicants should contact the British Council if you require assistance
Active email address – required to begin the online registration process

e) Is my personal data up-to-date?

Applicants should ensure that all personal data is up to date and that supporting documents are current i.e. passport, home and work address, employment contract.

II. Filling in the application form

a) Go to the website and select Participating Country. The website is in French and English and the language presented to the applicant is based on the chosen country. Language selection for, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda is English and as such, the application forms for these countries should be completed in English. Applicants fromFrench Guiana, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Mauritania can complete the form in English or French. Applicants hoping to study in the UK andIreland must make their application in English.

b) On the country page, relevant information is displayed in the main content area specific to scholarships available in Participating Countries.

c) To start the application process, the applicant clicks on ‘Apply Online’ on the menu

d) The applicant has to log-in to be able to view the application

Follow instructions on setting up an account; confirmation of user and password will be sent via applicant’s personal email address. Applicant can login (if s/he already has an account) or recover a lost password.
Now the applicant can login and can view the application form
e) Personal statements: Applicants should think about relevant examples to demonstrate their suitability according to criteria stated above.

f) Applicants can save their form at any point in time and continue later. Once they click on the Submit button, they will no longer be able to edit their application form, although they can view the submitted form. *If you do not have all the information needed to complete the application, simply scroll down and click on the ‘save’ button and return to the form when the information is available.

g) Apply for 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of course in preferred universities.

III. Additional Information

Below are additional and supporting documents that will be required at a later stage in the application process.

a) A full medical report will be required from successful applicants

b) Applicants must inform British Council of anything (such as previous convictions, associations with terrorist organisations or previous refusal of a UK/Ireland visa) that may be an impediment to securing a visa or entry clearance to study in the UK/Ireland.

c) If any information provided by the applicant changes and has an effect on the scholarship application, the applicant should contact British Council immediately.

d) All application guidelines and conditions should be fully read and understood by applicants.

e) Applicants are advised to check that all information provided in the application form is accurate and clear before submission.

f) Only short listed applicants will be contacted to proceed to the next stage.

g) Get supporting documents ready as listed in ((i)b) above.
for more information;

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